Advertising on TV

Television advertising is the most expensive type of advertising, but at the same time, it is the most effective one. Considering every detail during its development and production is vital.

In the twenty first century experts speak about a new type of social TV advertising. Requirements to the quality of video products grow high in the developing media space. Social advertising of previous years resembled simple appeals similar to propaganda slogans, but now TV advertisements of high quality are more like movies presenting characters, plots and drama.

TV viewers want to see a story and we know what to offer them: we employ professional directors of feature and documentary films, graduates of the Russian State University of Cinematography VGIK, to develop and produce video clips. Plots are created by script writers fully knowledgeable of the feature TV advertisements. Find examples of the Laboratory products in our Portfolio.

You are welcome to participate in any stage of work, or you can always trust the professionals and control production at key points: brief preparation, screenplay approval, budgeting, presence during filming, approval of the final clip.

Another peculiar feature of the Laboratory is the skill to work with low-budget projects. Unfortunately social advertising hasn’t yet received enough financing in Russia, but nevertheless employees of the Laboratory have learnt how to produce good quality TV advertisements with little money releasing products which are equal in quality to the expensive commercials.

  • Additional services
  • Script writing
  • Working with ready scripts
  • Production of videos for the Internet, corporate parties (digital filming

After the end of work, our manager will assist in product distribution through the Laboratorys partners.